Join The Corps

We depend on the time and effort donated by our members to not only staff our duty crews during the time of an emergency, but also to perform all the other tasks involved in the successful operation of the Corps. Our volunteers are well trained and dedicated to helping others in the community, but we could always use additional help. We will provide all the necessary training free of charge. If you are a resident of Harrington Park, or live in an adjacent town please consider joining our squad.

Prospective members must get a physician's clearance that they are fit to perform Ambulance duty. To download the Application Form which includes the physician's evaluation Click Here . Also a  questionnaire must be filled out to fit an N-95 respirator mask Fit Testing Questionnaire. These applications are strictly confidential. The Ambulance Corps welcomes applications for new members.
The requirements to join are

  • For Juniors:
    • 16 years old with EMT or First Responder  and CPR Certification.
    • Juniors may ride the ambulance till 10 pm.
    • Junior membership application Click Here
  • For Drivers:
    • A state issued valid drivers license in good standing and CPR
    • Completion of an on-line Emergency Vehicle driver's course
  • For First Responders
    • CPR certification and First Responder certification
  • For EMTs
    • CPR and EMT Certification

If you don't have a certification, such as CPR don't let that stop you from applying to join.  Many of the certifications needed can be obtained through the HP Ambulance Corps!  EMT and First Responder classes are held at the Paramus EMS Training Center and are free to prospective members. Other locations are available, contact the Corps for details.  CPR classes are held at the Ambulance building as necessary. From time to time CPR classes are given for the general public. If interested contact the Corps.

Members are generally expected to fill duty on one week night (Sunday - Friday) from 7 pm to 6 am, and every 6th Saturday from 7pm to 6am. In addition members are required to attend drills and meetings, which take place on the 3rd Tuesday of the month.  Junior members who go on to college are encouraged to remain involved, especially if they will be in town during the summer and at other times when college is not in session.